Superbe appartement

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It was my first time visiting New York and never heard about Midtown West district and I think it's the best to stay. Lot of life, bars, restaurants, galleries. I enjoyed walking from Central Park to the apartment everyday.


would recommend

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We were 3 couples that stayed in the apartment. We were very happy with the accommodation! The apartment was wonderful and the location was great. The host was very professional and willing to help us with anything. They were very friendly and we can't wait to go again! The price was very fair for the stay. We highly recommend this apartment and doing business with this host. The only thing we can say badly about the apartment was that the lock on the bathroom did not work. We let the host know and he was going to fix asap :) We were very satisfied!


Great 4 bedroom byTime Square

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Stayed 5 people in the apartment. The apartment was clean and the appearance was as expected, although the wideview lense photos make it seem bigger than actual. A couple of the beds could have been better quality, but otherwise allright. One major issue: As expected there is some noise from 9th Av. just below. The 2 bedrooms towards the street was very noisy - maily due to the fact that small air conditioning units are installed in the windowframes with mosquito net around as only barrier towards the street and the noise. Being in the room was just like being in the street! The rooms towards the back had an acceptable noise level.


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